Meet our Motivated Team

In addition to the five project leaders who work 100% for MS Sports, a camp leader manages each Swisscom Football Camp. More than 250 qualified football coaches support them. The camp leaders have many years of experience as players and coaches. Some of them have been with MS Sports since its beginning in 2007.

Project Leaders

Simon von Bergen

Head Project Leader Football

„Working at MS Sports is very fulfilling for me because I get to work with children and teens daily. Sport gives me the opportunity to pass on important values to them, such as how to treat each other.“

Lukas Eschmann

Project Leader Football

„I'm always inspired by the joy the kids bring to the MS Sports Camps every day. As an active club coach, I find it important that the kids combine fun and exercise.“

Adrian Sattler

Project Leader Football

„I really appreciate the interaction with the MS Sports team, the coaches, the parents and especially the kids. The many, enriching encounters and new contacts motivate me for the coming camps and help me grow as a person.“

Ueli Pärli

Project Leader Football

„Being on the football field every day and sharing the passion for the sport with motivated kids is what makes being a camp leader such a great experience.“

Camp Leaders, German-speaking Switzerland

Cyril Zanoni

Camp Leader Football

„As a passionate sports teacher and football player, being involved with children and teens on the football field, during the school holidays is very fulfilling for me. I'm happy that I can contribute in some way to the high quality of the sports camps!“

Claudio Bundi

Camp Leader Football

„It is above all the enthusiasm and joy that the children radiate every day that inspires and motivates me as an MS-Sports camp leader. The fact that we get to pursue our biggest hobby together makes the whole thing even more fun and cool.“

Fabian Rüedi

Camp Leader Football

„Football is my absolute passion and I would like to pass this enthusiasm on to other children. It gives me an incredible amount of joy to see happy children.“

Stefan Steiner

Camp Leader Football

„For me, there is nothing better than seeing the joy on the children's faces when they can do what we all love so much: Playing soccer! I'm already looking forward to unforgettable weeks with the kids.“

Maurus Barmettler

Camp Leader Football

„Sports games, especially football, have been a great passion of mine since I was a child. I enjoy working at MS Sports because it gives me the opportunity to teach children the joy of movement and social interaction through football.“

Camp Leaders, French-speaking Switzerland

Yvan Porchet

Camp Leader Football

„Football has had a part in my life since I was a child, which is why I want to pass on my knowledge to the children as a coach and camp leader. It's a pleasure to offer the kids the best possible environment for them to play football in.“

Vittorio Vaccaro

Camp Leader Football

„I support MS Sports' philosophy of empowering every child to develop in the sport they love. What I like most about the camps is seeing the smiles of the participants during the different activities.“

Omar Moukhtari

Camp Leader Football

„What I appreciate about my work at MS Sports is the incomparable team atmosphere and the big smiles on the children's faces at the end of the camp. I enjoy helping to develop the children's football and social skills.“

Alcids Grossglauser

Camp Leader Football

„Sport and especially football have always been my passion and sharing it with the new generation gives me the opportunity to be the best version of myself. The smile of a satisfied participant is the most rewarding part of my work.“

Aloïs Ulmann

Camp Leader Football

„By organizing camps with MS Sports, I am committed to the well-being and fun of every child. The coaching team and I always do our best to give them an unforgettable experience. That's what makes soccer and our activities so special.“

Camp Leaders, Ticino

Nicola Zapella

Camp Leader Football

„Working at MS Sports is an enriching experience because you get to know the different football and cultural characteristics of the different regions.“


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