Our Engagements

For 16 years, MS Sports has been running numerous camps and events in all of the Swiss regions. The close cooperation with our sponsors and Partners enables us to provide children and teenagers with an unforgettable sports experience. Regardless of gender, origin or social status, every child and teenager should be able to participate in one of our camps. To achieve this vision, MS Sports is committed to supporting various, carefully selected projects with the goal of finding a long-term partnership. Currently, we are proud to support the following Swiss projects.


Verein zur Förderung Kids und Sport

The non-profit organization Verein zur Förderung Kids und Sport (Association for the Promotion of Kids and Sport) was founded in 2015 to enable socially disadvantaged kids to participate in a sports camp almost free of charge. We are thrilled to be breaking down financial barriers together. More information can be found here.


MS Sports supports the Glücksschule movement, which advocates fundamental change in society and schools. The Glücksschule strives for a profound change in our consciousness, the culture of relationships and the structures in our entire society. MS Sports can strongly identify with the Glücksschule's vision of adults and children living, learning and interacting in life based on joy. For more information, please visit the Glücksschule website: gluecksschule.ch.


insieme is committed to promoting equality for people with mental disabilities. The aim is that they can develop personally and are also integrated into society. insieme and MS Sports are jointly committed to ensuring that children and teenagers, with a wide range of conditions and abilities, can learn and experience a respectful and happy coexistence with each other at an early age. For more information, please see the document below (German).

Sponsoring for events / clubs / organizations

MS Sports is committed to promoting great events, good ideas and clubs. For this reason, we support over 100 exciting events every year. Our guidelines and opportunities are listed on the website and we are happy to examine all inquiries carefully and individually.