Meet our Motivated Team

Our young, dynamic and competent team is briefly introduced below. The project management is responsible for the organization, coordination and the sporting concept. The camp manager is responsible for the operational implementation on site. The Swisscom Gaming & Sport Camps are run in collaboration with the experienced e-sports experts from MYI Entertainment.


Simon Rohrer

Head Project Leader Gaming & Sport

„Working with a professional partner like MYI Entertainment to meet the demand for gaming and e-sports and combining this with sport and exercise is something I think is very sensible and important. We can combine fun and action with topics such as responsible gaming and social interaction.“

Michel Neugel

Project Leader Gaming & Sport

„The project shows the versatility of sport and promotes a responsible approach to gaming. The combination of mental challenges and physical activity inspires me, encourages the children and is fun for everyone involved.“

Dean Tramacare

Camp Leader Gaming & Sport

„The unique camp weeks with a combination of sport and gaming not only provide a lot of fun, but also develop the body and mind. Nowadays, it is very important to teach kids how to use gaming responsibly. I am very much looking forward to this task.“

Our partners from MYI Entertainment

Manuel Oberholzer


„What I like about the camps is that we can mix sport and esports, as it's also important for successful esports players to have a healthy and robust body. I also think it's great that we can show at the camps that e-sports is not just 'excessive gaming', but also includes many other aspects such as nutrition, training routines, mental strength, team coordination and team spirit.“

Luca Hartmann

Head of Strategy

„As a child, I was able to take part in sports camps every year and still have fond memories of them today. The focus was never just on sport, but also on being together with other children with the same interests. With the camps, we can now offer this experience to children with gaming as a hobby and at the same time teach them the importance and fun of exercise.“


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